Building a Green Marine Ecological Circle: Hyesea Yacht Signs Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Yidong Technology

On January 11th, Guangdong Yidong Technology Co., Ltd. visited the headquarters of Hyesea Yacht for exchanges and officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement. The signing ceremony was attended by Mr. Leng Xuehua, Chairman of Seastar Yachts, and Mr. Tao Shizheng, Co-founder and CEO of Yidong Technology.

The signing was witnessed by Mr. Ma Xiaodong, Vice President of Seastar Yachts, Professor Li Zexiang from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and initiator of the Songshan Lake International Robotics Industry Base, Professor Andrea Ratti and Arianna Bionda from the School of Design at Politecnico di Milano.


According to the agreement, both parties will leverage their respective strengths to collaborate extensively in the field of new energy yachts. They will jointly design and develop electric propulsion products for range-extended new energy catamarans, aiming to organically integrate resources, industries, markets, and equipment to promote the new energy transformation of the yacht industry. Together, they will provide more environmentally friendly and efficient power solutions for the global yacht market, creating a green marine ecological circle.

Hyesea Yacht, a globally renowned manufacturer of medium to large-sized yachts and catamarans, brings nearly 20 years of experience in superyacht manufacturing, acclaimed for its craftsmanship, design, and performance. With increasing global attention to environmental protection and sustainable development,Hyesea Yacht has introduced green products such as the Seaview hybrid catamaran with wind, solar, electric, and fuel power, the 28-foot all-electric/hybrid tender, and the Vista power catamaran with optional solar panels. It actively seeks cooperation with leading companies in the field of new energy technologies to promote the green transformation of the yacht industry.

Yidong Technology is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development of electric propulsion equipment and corresponding system integration solutions for boats. It is also a leading innovative company in China capable of independently developing environmentally friendly electric outboard motors. With its deep accumulation and leading technology in the field of new energy boat power systems, Yidong Technology provides reliable electric propulsion solutions for boats.

This cooperation will expand the scope and territory of cooperation between the two parties comprehensively, creating new achievements in energy development through a partnership approach.


Hyesea Yacht and Yidong Technology will jointly customize solutions for the electric propulsion systems of catamarans, including power batteries, propulsion systems, control systems, distribution systems, etc. This collaboration will not only reduce fuel consumption for navigation but also empower the green and sustainable development of the yacht industry, further promoting the electrification, intelligence, and cleanliness of the yacht industry in China.

Both parties believe that through this strategic cooperation, they can further enhance the systematic technological strength, product quality, and service quality in the field of new energy boats, realize the future market expansion strategies of both parties, gain market share, and create greater commercial value.


During the exchange meeting, both parties actively discussed the prospects and strategic deployment of new energy yachts. Mr. Leng Xuehua, Chairman of Hyesea Yacht, emphasized that Hyesea Yacht and Yidong Technology are highly compatible in strategic goals, development concepts, and business synergy. Seizing the opportunity of this signing, both parties will broaden cooperation in the field of green energy and jointly create a new situation of high-quality development for both parties.

Based on green development, they will expand to overseas markets. By continuously investing in R&D, integrating high-quality global resources, and collaborating closely with leading catamaran designers, after five years of preparation, Heysea has achieved phased results, recently delivering four catamarans. Significant progress has been made in the application of new energy, and CE, DNV, and RINA certifications are underway, laying a solid foundation for the export of new energy yachts. 2024 marks a new starting point, as Seastar fully commits to entering the field of new energy catamarans and aims to surpass traditional European catamaran manufacturers with absolute leading advantages.

Tao Shizheng, Co-founder and CEO of Yidong Technology, expressed strong appreciation for Seastar Yachts' outstanding performance in the global superyacht market. They will fully integrate the advantages of both parties in product technology and market channels to jointly launch new energy yachts and catamarans, providing better product experiences and jointly enhancing the visibility of Chinese yacht brands in the international market, seeking new business opportunities, and growth space.


Professor Li Zexiang from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and initiator of the Songshan Lake International Robotics Industry Base expressed confidence in the technological transformation of the yacht industry. The yacht industry is at the crossroads of electrification and intelligence, and as a leader in domestic yacht manufacturing, Heysea has the ability to seize opportunities and lead industry development, promoting technological development and industrial upgrading! In the future, both parties will also explore business models and market opportunities for the electrification of yachts, contributing to the sustainable development of the global yacht industry. Through deep cooperation and resource sharing, Hyesea Yacht and Yidong Technology are expected to jointly open a new chapter in the electrification of yachts, leading the industry towards a greener and smarter future.

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