Build your dream yacht

Heysea provides a multi-functionally customization service to the yacht which to meets the owner's preferences, such as layout, interior decoration styles, speed customization and equipment selection.

Function Customization

Our yachts can be customized to suit the client’s preferences. Whether it is mainly used for overnight accommodation, entertainment, business, sea fishing or a combination of these functions. Heysea will make corresponding adjustments based on different needs of functions. 

Interior Customization

Clients can adjust the internal space layout, color schemes, and interior materials of the yacht according to their own needs. Clients can also specify the interior design style for customization. Heysea provides various popular design schemes for selection.

Speed solutions

Heysea configures the most reasonable speed plan based on the client’s future berth location, navigation area and sea conditions. In addition, Heysea offers the best solution to completely meet the owner's speed requirements.

Exceeding expectations

All yachts from Heysea provide high-quality configuration to meet the high configuration proposition of luxury yachts. If owners have specific requirements for the yacht and needs to add functional equipment, Heysea will be ready.

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